The Northwest Harris County Aggie Moms’ Club Boutique committee is known for its Tradition Line of products that celebrate all things Aggie!  From frames to wreaths, pillows to trees and adorable note cards lovingly made and assembled by Aggie Mom hands.  This insures that each item is a one of a kind treasure that celebrates the many traditions in Aggieland.  

Boutique sells Aggie scrapbook paper, our new NWHC Aggie Mom t-shirt and t-shirt pillows. 

Our inventory is always changing, as we phase in new items and phase out others.

So just remember if you see it and you like it you better buy it, because we may not make another one!

The boutique committee needs you!! We meet at 5:30 before the general Aggie Mom meetings at Houston Distributing to work on the traditions pieces we are known for.  It’s a one of a kind experience!