President’s Message

Howdy Aggie Moms!!

Tammy, Maya ’23, Cole ’21, Woody

For me this greeting never gets old. There is such a sense of pride with being an Aggie and a little more with being an Aggie Mom.

My hope for you is that you will feel welcomed and want to be a part of this dynamic and enthusiastic group. This is a place for you to ask questions, meet new people, learn something about the Texas A&M traditions, and feel a little better about that empty nest. This is the time for an identity change. We never stop being moms, but our role definitely changes when our kids go off to school.

The thing that stands out to me most of all about this club is the kindness, generosity, and acceptance of our members and board. We have a common goal of helping Aggies. Our own or those who need help and don’t have a mom or parent to turn to.

Tammy Woodeshick
President NWHC Aggie Moms 21-22