Care Packages

Spring 2021 Care Packages

What are Care Packages? Wikipedia defines the Care Package as: a unit of aid distributed by the humanitarian organization CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere). Although “Care Package” is a registered trademark, the term has since been widely adopted as a generic term for a parcel of food or supplies sent for relief or comfort purposes.

To help provide some relief and comfort to our stressed Aggies during finals, NWHC Aggie Moms provides Care Packages for them to enjoy. You can buy a care package for your Aggie or another Aggie student.

Care Packages are $30 each and can be purchased at the January, February, and March general meetings. Or you can print the order form here and mail it in. Orders mailed in must be received by March 12, 2021.  We cannot accept any orders for the fall delivery after March 12, 2021, so get your orders in early. You can purchase as many care packages as you would like. Buy them for your Aggie and feel free to bless the children of others, even if they are not in our club.

Care Packages will be delivered a little differently this spring due to COVID-19 restrictions. Your Aggie can pick up their care package on Sunday, April 25th between 1:00p and 4:00p at Thomas Park, 1300 James Parkway, College Station, Tx.

An additional delivery to be determined on May 2, 2021, for those in Houston.

**Galveston delivery will be coordinated with students by our Galveston Liaison.

Please email with any questions.