Hullabaloo U

Howdy Aggie Moms!

If you have a new freshman Aggie, we want to make sure that your student is aware of Hullabaloo U, Texas A&M’s first year experience course.

We know you are proud of your new Aggie, and that you are experiencing many emotions as you prepare to send your student to Texas A&M. Texas A&M is committed to the success and well-being of our students, and Hullabaloo U is the best way for new Aggies to get off to a strong start.

Beginning at Texas A&M alongside 10,000 classmates can be intimidating for your new Aggie. By choosing to participate in Hullabaloo U, they can begin their Aggie journey with plenty of support and community. Each Hullabaloo U section provides the following benefits:

  • A small section led by a caring faculty/staff member and a peer mentor
  • Assistance provided on a weekly basis as students transition to the university and information about important campus resources and success strategies
  • Opportunity to make friends through the one-hour weekly meeting
  • No cost to your student to participate

If your student hasn’t attended their NSC yet, they will have the opportunity to register for Hullabaloo U during course registration on Day 2. Click here to view a full list of the available section options.

If your student has already attended the NSC but didn’t have the chance to register for Hullabaloo U while there and would like to, please encourage them to complete the short form at the link below.