Howdy Aggie Moms,


After awarding our scholarships for the 22-23 school year, we have funds available that we will be gifting to Student organizations. To ensure our donations have an impact, We would like to award 5 organizations a donation of $250 each.


We were visited by CARPOOL, 12th Can and BUILD at our March meeting so those organizations are 3 of the organizations to receive a gift. 


We would like to award the last two donation spots to organizations of your choosing. To add your chosen organization to our ballot please respond to this email no later than Monday, April 11th.The two organizations receiving the most votes, along with the three organizations who visited our meeting, will each be awarded a $250 gift.  


Voting will take place at our April 12th meeting. You must be present to cast your vote. 


Please let us know what questions you have. Hope to hear from you soon and to see you at our April meeting.